Solving Severe Pet Urine Contamination

One of our customers had a house that a property management company was trying to recover after rental and put back on the market to sell.  This house had been severely abused by the last renter and had extreme odors with urine contaminated flooring and walls.  We explained to the cleaner that he had several issues to settle before tackling this house.  To completely clean the contaminated areas and remove the odors, he was going to have to find where the “source” of the problems were in the house.  After pulling the carpet and padding back and removing some baseboards, he found severe saturation through the flooring and into the concrete slab.  He also found the seal plate and interior of some of the walls completely contaminated with pet urine.  He got permission to cut a portion of the drywall out, which enabled him to find the interior wall studs saturated and stained with over 16″ of wicked up pet urine!  We recommended to first sweep and dry vacuum the concrete slab floor to remove all dry soil and crystalized urine deposits.  Then spray down and saturate the affected areas with Newline’s New Zyme enzyme treatment (or equivalent) and allow to dry for 24 hours.  Apply Sentinel’s 538 Stain & Odor Encapsulant to slab floor, seal plate, and exposed studs.   The urine floor and wood framing was treated and sealed so the urine contaminated surfaces couldn’t off-gas and cause a residual odor problem.  Here are some before and after pictures of the job.

Urine Decontamination Initial 2

 Urine  Contaminated Carpet & Pad            

Urine Decontamination Initial

Inspection After Pulling Floor & Baseboard

Urine Contamination 4

Urine Contaminated Wall Exposed                                                                                                                                                                                              

Urine Decontamination 2

Wall Exposed And Treated with Sentinel 538

Here are the two products from CleanSource used on this job.  Fortunately, the cleaner successfully won over this customer and future property cleanings as a result of his cleaning and odor elimination.  The property manager was able to get the property listed and on the market to sell and/or rent.


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October 17, 2013