Secret To Cleaning Filtration Soils

Have you given up on cleaning filtration soiling along walls in your customers carpeted homes? 

Cleaning filtration soils has always been an issue for many carpet cleaners.  They are generally not easy to clean, require much more time and labor, and the cleaner must charge additional money to compensate for the time and effort to get them out.

filtration soils                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Along Baseboards

filtration soil

                 In Corners     

filtration soil steps

                 Along Stairs



The first thing that we stress to cleaners is to first remove the dry soil, lint, hair, soot, etc. by way of vacuuming.  Most filtration soils consist of a lot of dry particulate that is much more difficult to remove after it is wet.   The other important step is to get a good product to pre-spot with and a brush or agitation tool to work in the solution first.  CleanSource offers several filtration soil removers, as well as products used in combination.   The biggest component that most cleaners miss is the proper tool.  Most cleaners are using either their carpet wand or upholstery tool to rinse and extract the filtration soil out.  The groundbreaking tool that you must have if you want to successfully clean filtration soils and make money too is the tool below: 

Stand Up Edging Crevice Tool w/ Glide (PMCV56SBG)


This standup edging tool is unique for many reasons:

○  You can clean with it standing up, saving time, labor, and fatigue
○  It has a crevice tool head with an internal jet for direct pressure and vacuum to clean right where you need it.
○  The tool has a vacuum relief if you need to cut down on vacuum from your truckmount.
○  The tool has a glided boot to protect from scratching the painted wood baseboard.
○  The tool has a 1250 PSI valve and a glide for use as a great edging tool for tile and grout cleaning.
○  The CleanSource version includes an inline filter kit and male quick connect
○  Check out this tool in our store, by clicking here:

Purchase The Crevice Tool


filtration soil before-after

                  Before & After



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October 17, 2013