NOW IN STOCK! Phoenix Dry Max XL Dehumidifier

CHECK OUT THE DRYMAX XL FROM PHOENIX!!!!  NOW IN STOCK! Once Phoenix came out with their Dry Max low profile LGR dehumidifier, everyone wondered if and when they could produce an XL version.  Well, wait no longer, its here......the Dry Max XL.  Just received our first...

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Check Out Our Mailer For May-June Specials

Check Out Our Mailer For May-June Specials The current mailer features great BOGO (Buy One Get One) deals including Filters, 3M Masks, Shoe Covers, Serum, RMR, Supply Hoses, Portables, Atomic Degreaser, Tile & Grout Chemicals, and much more.  We also feature a deal on...

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The Role of pH Level in Cleaning

The Role of pH Level in Cleaning pH can be your friend or foe, depending on how you use your cleaning agents. CleanFax Online, by Aziz Ullah, Ph.D., MBA, Fabro phototake/iStock When chemicals are dissolved in water, the mixture’s pH level can become either acidic or...

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