One of the most important maintenance tasks for professional cleaners is rinsing and maintaining clean and odor free recovery tanks on portables and truckmounts.  Sentinel has designed a large dissolvable tablet “odor puck” for odor elimination and foam control.  It has a fresh clean fragrance and last over 2 – 4 weeks depending on water temperature, soil conditions, and the amount of cleaning processes.  Simply place it in the filter basket or at the base of a truckmount or portable recovery tank, and let it go to work!

Sentinel 522 Odor Puck is a water-soluble solid block designed to eliminate odors and control foam from the wastewater of most truck mounts, portable extractors, and auto scrubbers.

Part #:  SE522OP

List:  $8.49


Product Spec Sheet HERE

Use & Directions:

Break tab on container and remove lid.

Place the Sentinel 522 Odor Puck in the filter basket, mesh sock* or directly in water off the waste tank. The Odor Puck will slowly dissolve in the waste water eliminating odors and controlling foam.

Once  the Odor Puck has dissolved and  shrunk down to a 1” diameter, add  a new Odor Puck to continue odor  elimination and foam control.

* When using a mesh sock, make sure it is securely tied down within the waste tank.

** Odor Puck dissolving times will vary depending on water temperature, soil contaminants level and other environmental factors.