Tired of Hardwood Floor Tear-Outs?

A restoration contractor called CleanSource with a tough situation on a water restoration job.  They had a hardwood floor to tear out from a water loss in a home.  They were spending too many man hours on a demo that they were going to lose their shirt on.  It took them two full days with five men using hammers, crowbars, and air chisels to get the glued down planks off the floor.  Here is a video showing how they were trying to remove the floor:


After calling CleanSource, they were recommended to use Sentinel’s 922 Adhesive Remover to save them a ton of money and a fraction of the labor.  The contractor was instructed to cut out a 6″x6″ grid on the wood planks using a skill saw, apply the product over the floor, allow to cure for 24 hours, then pop up floor in squares (grid).  Here is a video showing this method used on their next hardwood floor tear-out:


CleanSource carries Sentinel’s full line of coatings, smoke and odor products, as well as their adhesive removers used on this job.  Here are the three most common adhesive removers needed for all of your flooring tear-outs.

Sentinel 626               922gl    747

        626                         922                        747
carpet/vinyl         hardwoods        multi-surface

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October 17, 2013