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Why does traditional Mop & Bucket Cleaning always seem to fail?  Watch the video below and see traditional mopping vs. cleaning with RestroomRx.

Watch This Video Here:  RestroomRx

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What makes the RestroomRx Cart so different from traditional janitorial cleaning carts?

Check out this video on all the features of the RestroomRx cleaning cart here:  RestroomRx Cart Features

Unger RestroomRx:  Introducing the first cleaning system designed by janitors to help them work faster, safer and better than ever before.

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The BETTERx Cleaning System is comprised of three parts: an innovative restroom cart, advanced floor care tools and best in class cleaning accessories. The result is a system that delivers up to 75% savings on chemical and water usage, reduction in time to complete the cleaning tasks and dramatically improved employee safety.