The Revolution LGR with Precision Control Technology ™


Since its release one year ago, the Revolution LGR has proven itself to be tough, reliable AND a performance leader. At half the size of other Xactimate “Large” dehumidifiers, restorers recognize that the Revolution’s compact design packs more drying power (and profits) into each vehicle. Its Precision Control Technology ™ automatically optimizes water removal in all conditions to boost its performance beyond competitive products, putting it in a class by itself.
It is so popular that some techs refuse to leave for a job without their Revolutions! Below is a great testimonial about how the Revolution LGR helped a Canadian restoration company keep their techs happy and put smiles on their customers’ faces!

Read why the Revolution is this customer’s favorite dehu

“I’m a first response manager at our company. A while back we were going to buy some Evolution dehumidifiers from our dealer. He told us to wait and check out the new Revolution which was coming out in a few months. I’m sure glad we did. What a great product. We bought 20 of them on the spot. It’s the only dehu my technicians want to take on their trucks. We love its performance that is every bit as good as the Evolution and its size that lets us use it in small areas and crawlspaces. My techs won’t take out any other dehus now.

What I like most is the intelligent design of the units. It’s so easy to see how they’re working on jobs. My techs even take pictures of the control panel and send it to each other on jobs so they can compare the drying process between machines. They actually send me short videos that they’ve taken of themselves with the Revos on jobs and in their trucks. They love them that much. You know a product is great when your techs want to be photographed with it!

Over the last two years I’ve shifted to buying only Dri-Eaz dehus. We used to buy a lot of Phoenix products but now I’m 100% sold on Dri-Eaz. I think your dehus are the best on the market: super durable, great performance and now with the Revolution more portable for jobs in cramped areas like stairwells, crawlspaces, and small rooms. I’ve told my manager that we’re not going to buy any other dehus except Dri-Eaz. He trusts my buying decision because he sees how well they work for us. I just got approval from him to buy 20 more Revos. You know that it’s got a pretty amazing product for me to tell my manager that I won’t buy anything else. We are out on drying jobs all the time so we want to make sure we’ve got enough Revos for every job. My techs won’t take out any other dehu now. I actually had one crew tech refuse to take them off the truck until I promised him he could use them on the next job. They are the best. Thank you Dri-Eaz for making such an excellent product.”

-Kyle Zenklusen, Groupe RPL, Canada