Enterovirus D68 Outbreaks in Schools

The enterovirus D68 (EV-D86) has been linked to many news stories across the country as the cause of hundreds of
children being hospitalized. Although this virus has been around a long time, and usually doesn’t cause an “outbreak”
situation, officials are alarmed at how quickly this most recent infection has spread in a short amount of time.
The symptoms start out much like a common cold but can quickly develop in to very labored breathing resulting in
hospitalization. Children with asthma are especially at risk. Symptoms can also include fever or rash.
Once children returned to school from the summer break, isolated cases spread quickly throughout the student population
through common touch points like door handles, desks, books or toys.
Enteroviruses are a group of viruses comprised of more than 100 different types
of strains. All of them are different in some way either in structure or function.
EV-D68 is only one of a handful of enteroviruses that affect humans. Benefect
Decon 30 has been proven to kill similar enterovirus called Rhinovirus which is
the cause of the common cold. In healthy adults, enterovirus wouldn’t lead to any
serious concerns.
EV-D86 can be controlled. Although it’s labor intensive an outbreak can be
contained with basic cleaning and disinfecting techniques. Special attention
should be paid to common touch points like door handles, facets, water fountain knobs, or even toys that are used by
multiple children throughout the day. This virus can live on a surface for hours and possibly as long as a day, depending
on temperature and humidity.
1. If surfaces are visually dirty, they should be cleaned with Benefect Multi-Purpose Cleaner (or other
appropriate non-toxic cleaner). Dilute according to label directions, spray onto the surface and wipe off with a
cloth or paper towel.
2. Benefect Decon 30 Disinfectant can be used as cleaner and disinfectant (one step) if surfaces are not overly
dirty. Apply according to label directions. Decon 30 is a registered disinfectant with the Federal Government
(Health Canada DIN #02415046 / U.S. EPA # 84683-1-74771). No rinsing or wiping is required after
application. Simply let the surface air dry.
No protective equipment such as a respirator is required in the application of this product, however due to the highly
contagious nature of this virus precautions should be taken by
cleaning staff. Decon 30 will not compromise indoor air quality or
cause skin irritation if used on frequently touched surfaces.
Regular cleaning and disinfecting of the facilities is the key to
infection control. Increased frequency is recommended during
times of high illness among students.
Additional resources can be found from the Centre for Disease
Control. http://www.cdc.gov/non-polio-enterovirus/about/EV-D68.
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Enterovirus D68 Outbreaks in Schools