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With all the freezing weather, most restoration companies have been swamped with water damage calls due to frozen pipes.  Now is the time to be aware of some new things from Serum involving water loss applications.

For Category 1 & 2 losses, Serum 1000 can be diluted with 2 parts water for spraying hard and porous surfaces that have been affected.  This will prevent mold and mildew odors that often follow after a water loss.  Category 3 will require Serum 1000 to resolve issues associated with this type of water.  There is a protocol available for using Serum 1000 on Category 3 losses.

Serum CU is great for cleaning carpet, upholstery, drapes, and throw rugs to prevent mold and mildew odors.  This product will help eliminate and not just cover up odors related from water damage.

Remove Serum 2000 coating from freezing temperatures.  Freeze damage can turn the product into an opaque color and damages the product for use.  Keep it stored in a climate controlled space.  The other Serum products can frozen and thawed up to 3 cycles and keep their effectiveness.


New Product Launch!  Serum SBC (Coming Soon)

Serum SBC is a Surface Mold Bloom Cleaner And Brightener

* Industry’s First Cleaner Designed To After Mold On Any Surface with Serum’s Technology

* Easy To Use (Spray & Wipe) w/ Limited PPE (Glasses & Gloves)

* Reduces The Need To Repaint Walls, Trim, Cabinets, Etc.

When structures are closed up for months without any type of air conditioning, there are usually mold and mildew blooms that form on surfaces.  These mold blooms are a result of temperature and moisture levels high enough to allow surface mold and mildew to grow while the structure is closed for long periods.  Serum SBC is designed to wet out the surface, emulsify and suspend the organics in the SBC liquid to allow it to be easily wiped off the surface.  Serum SBC will remove all the dust, dirt, and organic contamination as well as kill the odor associated with the original mold and mildew growth.  It will also tend to bleach any surface stains that the mold and mildew leave behind.  Serum SBC will enhance surface colors and brighten dull surfaces.  After using Serum SBC, the space will have non of the original odor.  It will be brighter and smell fresh and clean.


Info provided by Serum Products, LLC. – Serum News Volume 1, Edition 7