Dragon® 3600 Mobile Furnace
The highest quality heater on the market

As the only mobile heater designed and built for restoration, the Dragon delivers the performance you need to tackle drying jobs even in the most difficult conditions. We build the Dragon in our U.S. plant using only premium components, including a top-of-the-line Becket burner, a TIG-welded corrosion-resistant aluminum tank and sturdy no-flat wheels. With 120,000 BTUs of heat and true 700 CFM airflow, the diesel-fired Dragon can produce up to 120°F (49°C) of temperature rise to make cold weather drying fast, efficient and profitable!


DESIGNED AND BUILT FOR RESTORATIONExtended runtimes – get 36 hours of operation without refueling – triple the duration of other heaters.
Powerful temp rise – 145°F with weather shield installed; 120°F without weather shield installed.
Indirect-fired operation for clean heat and no additional moisture – speeds drying on every job. Use with positive or negative pressure setups, too!
Highly mobile – semi-pneumatic tires never go flat and ball bearing wheels keep the unit rolling smoothly.
Precision heat control – thermostat with remote sensor (included) to help operators comply with RIA Safe Harbor clause.
Ready-to-Roll package includes quick clamp to secure ducting to heater outlet.
Safety – CSA listing in progress

A sight tube for monitoring fuel levels, convenient drain plug, and fuel filter available at auto parts stores.
External air shutter to adjust for proper combustion at altitude – no need to open a panel!
Simple, easy-to-operate controls and a remote temperature probe.