Cordless Backpack Vacuum Saves Time and MoneyGoFree-Flex-12-Still107100_kit

Due to budget cuts, Crystal Lake Educational Center in Lakeville, MN, needed to reduce cleaning staff from 2.5 workers a night to 1.5 workers without compromising cleanliness.


“We had to make up the time with better equipment,” Head Custodian Jane Dettmer said. “With the GoFree Pro cordless backpack and two extra batteries, we shortened vacuuming time of the whole school by an hour each night.”


Southeastern Janitorial uses the cordless backpack vacuum primarily in office buildings.

“The GoFree Pro saves us approximately 45 minutes to one hour off vacuuming time per 100,000 SF,” said Brandon Schneider, co-owner and chief financial officer (CFO). “Based on these calculations, our GoFree Pro will pay for itself in seven months.”


  • The Future of Efficiency The GoFree Flex Pro improves productivity by eliminating cord-management tasks.
  • Go Anywhere Cordless means unrestricted freedom.
  • Longer-Lasting Battery Performance Lithium polymer battery runtime increased to approximately one hour for greater efficiency.
  • Lighter Weight GoFree Flex Pro is 14 percent lighter for more comfortable operation.
  • Lighter 30-Minute Battery Option With the 6Ah battery option, the GoFree Flex Pro is 23 percent lighter with a 30-minute runtime.


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