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The IICRC announced today that it is revising the IICRC S100-2011 Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Cleaning of Textile Floor Coverings, according to a press release. The revised draft of S100 Standard is available now for public review and comment.

IICRC S100 describes the procedures, methods and systems to be followed when performing professional commercial and residential textile floor covering (e.g., carpet and rugs) maintenance and cleaning. This Standard does not specifically address the protocols and procedures for restoration or remediation of contaminated textile floor coverings. No attempt is made to evaluate the strengths or weaknesses of individual cleaning methods or to compare or contract one method with another.

IICRC S100 draft Standard is available from Feb. 28 – April 14, 2014 for review and comment as part of the 45-day public review period. In addition, the draft S100 Reference Guide is also available separately during the same time period for informal peer review and comment.  All comments must be submitted using the Comment Form.

To access the draft Standard and Reference Guide, and Comment Forms, click here. All comments must be submitted to IICRC Standards Director Mili Washington at mili@iicrc.org no later than April 14, 2014.

For more information, visit iicrc.org.