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Most professional carpet cleaners are using popular products like Red Relief or Red One from Pro’s Choice.  To accelerate the chemical reaction, they will use a steam iron and a damp towel and apply it to the stained area of carpet.  The only complaint is the time it requires standing over the area while pulling the iron off and on so that the carpet doesn’t melt.  Here is a picture below of the way most cleaners are effectively removing the dreaded Kool-Aid stain.  The Spot & Stain Power Steamer will give you more time to clean while your steamer is making you money.  No more worrying about melting carpets!  Save time and money watching multiple color stains disappear faster than ever before.


Spot & Stain Power Steamer


The Wagner Steamer is ideal for getting out those difficult to remove red stains, where nothing else seems to work. Simply apply your red stain removal solution to the carpet, agitate in, and place the Power Steamer on top and watch as stains disappear.  Heat accelerates synthetic dye stain removers to effectively remove tough permanent dye stains.

  • One gallon reservoir for over 1 hour of steam time
  • Cool-touch handle for safety during operation
  • 11 ft steam hose for easy mobility during project
  • Light weight steam plate to reduce fatigue during use
  • Power 1500 watts



Watch How The Power Steamer Works


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