As the latest news breaks concerning Bridgepoint/Interlink Supply being acquired, we would like to address any questions or concerns you have as a current customer of CleanSource.  In the last five years or so our industry has experienced what many other industries have experienced.  Large and small venture capitalists have looked to acquire existing businesses during an uncertain economic climate.  We have seen many manufacturers go through an acquisition or merger phase.  Over time, most of these changes have generally caused a challenging transition that often effects how business is done from how products are produced, distributed, and ultimately delivered and utilized by you the customer in your service business. 

In the ever-changing days within our industry, it is our goal to maintain a consistent level of service to you our customer.  We have made many changes over the last few years that allowed us to be a better resource and to remain a solid and reliable supplier for you.  CleanSource is and has always been a family-owned independent distributor of cleaning and restoration supplies.  We joined NSN (New Source Network), a nationwide network group of independent distributors.  The NSN network has allowed us to provide you more product brand offerings, membership programs, new training opportunities, larger stocking levels, and special promotions that ultimately save you money and serve you better.  We have also made a larger commitment in our service departments, allowing for more openings for truckmount repair and providing a quicker turnaround to get your machines back on the road and making money.  We also have a full service department for restoration equipment and are staffed to provide efficient turns for dehumidifier repairs and estimates. 

Going forward we will always continue to work hard to provide you the best products, services, and programs available to our industry.  We know our ability and commitment to serve and partner with you is what will continue to keep both your business and CleanSource prosperous into the future.

Thanks for you support.

Jonathan Stutts

VP Sales/Marketing                                                                                                                                                                                                     

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