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You now have the best service department at your disposal at CleanSource of Charlotte. Come by and meet our staff!

We know how important it is to have great local service and support and have made the investments in our staff, equipment, and parts supply to support you and your business.  Here are some suggestions which will help provide faster turn-around on your equipment.

All truck mount equipment in need of service and/or repair must be called in to Chris Gerber at 704-525-8181 for scheduling.  Any equipment dropped off without notice will be put on a waiting list and scheduled accordingly.  We know your equipment is vital to your business and we’ll gladly service and repair all customer’s equipment.  With that said, customers which purchased their equipment through CleanSource will have FIRST priority.

Any equipment not purchased from CleanSource, and under warranty, will be repaired with the understanding the customer will have to pay for repairs upon completion, then file their warranty claim through the company they purchased from.  CleanSource provides proper documentation for all repairs including model, serial number, hour meter, condition, services performed, diagnostic notes, and suggested repairs needed for the future.

As an authorized dealer for HydraMaster, Prochem, Sapphire Scientific, DriEaz, and Phoenix, we will attempt to repair other brands of equipment with available interchangeable parts. Parts specific to brands we do not carry will be the responsibility of the owner to purchase and supply to CleanSource for repair.

Specialty equipment is repaired on a case by case basis depending on parts availability and cost evaluation. Some equipment like moisture meters may require the customer to deal directly with the manufacturer for repairs.

CleanSource has a full service department equipped to service and repair drying equipment in a timely and efficient manner. Dehumidifiers and airmovers may be dropped off at CleanSource, and are scheduled on a first come/first serve basis. There is a minimum of $25 for airmovers and $79 for dehumidifiers on any repair or estimate.   All equipment with power cords missing ground plugs are required to be replaced by OSHA.



Consider proper storage for truckmounts and drying equipment during freezing temperatures.  Vans and trucks parked in non-insulated storage or outside to the elements may require space heaters during freezing temperatures.  We see a lot of truckmounted and portable equipment that freezes during cold snaps even in South Carolina.  Freeze damage can cause up to thousands in unforeseen damage to truckmounts especially.  A damaged heat exchanger is only the beginning of the repair, and will most likely require much time and labor to go through the whole system to repair other damaged parts.

(Ex. Freeze Damage To Copper Line)

We have customers that experienced freeze damage last winter and are just now getting through all the fittings and component damages that pop up down the road.  Always keep your eye on the lows everyday to protect your equipment.  You can try running anti-freeze through some extraction equipment as an option if you will be out of town or if stored away for an extended period of time.  One other important point about freeze damage:  equipment manufacturers do not warranty any freeze damage related repairs.  Contact us for more information and tips.