Press Release, Doyle Bloss, CleanMaster by HydraMaster

June 16, 2014

CleanMaster is pleased to provide you with a preconditioner/prespray specifically formulated to safely and effectively clean Oriental Rugs, Wool Rugs, Carpet, and Fabric; natural and cotton fiber rugs and fabric; and other investment textiles. WoolMaster combines specialized encapsulation surfactants, detergents, and conditioning agents to specifically target the soils that rugs and fabrics are commonly exposed to. Most “wool” and “fine fabric” cleaning agents are just pH reduced carpet prespray formulations or old shampoo formulas. WoolMaster brings state of the art technology to cleaning investment textiles. WoolMaster was formulated from the beginning for the specific purpose of effectively cleaning the most challenging rugs and fabrics, and meets and exceeds the safe standards for cleaning wool fibers and fabrics.

WoolMaster hi res

 WoolMaster is also formulated to match the versatility of the cleaning professional, working effectively at both “on-location” and “in-plant” cleaning set-ups. It can be applied like a typical prespray or used effectively in a rug washing pit. WoolMaster is super-concentrated, most often mixed 1:16-24. It has a slightly alkaline formula with a pH of 8.0 -8.5.

 WoolMaster Rug and Fabric Prespray is available from your local HydraMaster Distributor. For more information on WoolMaster and all of the CleanMaster restorative cleaning solutions, contact your local HydraMaster Distributor, visit our web site  or call us at 1-800-426-1301.

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