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Sapphire Scientific

The HOSS 700 and the Upholstery Pro have put Sapphire Scientific into the forefront of the professional cleaning industry. These tools provide an increase in productivity and added efficiency for cleaners.

HOSS 700 Rotary Cleaning Tool


We have worked closely with cleaners and distributors to ensure that the HOSS 700 truly is the best companion for any professional cleaner.


The HOSS 700’s 15-inch wide cleaning platform delivers up to 700 cleaning passes per minute to make fast work of the largest jobs. Its unique staggered orifice and vacuum slot system drive solution deep into carpet fibers, agitates thoroughly, and provides complete, streak-free extraction. Unique floating heads provide deep agitation and a tight vacuum seal. The result? Cleaner, drier carpets and a stronger bottom line for your business.


End users can customize the HOSS to their needs and cleaning style. Flow control and a variety of spray bar options are just a few of the ways users can customize their units to fit their cleaning style. The HOSS a must-have for any truckmount user, and our easy-to-change options make it great for portables running 500 psi or higher.



Upholstery Pro

Sapphire’s Upholstery Pro is by far the number one selling upholstery tool in the

professional cleaning market today. The performance and design of the Upholstery Pro really does speak volumes for what cleaners have come to demand.

The Upholstery Pro is built around operator comfort. Equipped with a trigger lock to reduce hand fatigue, the cleaning head is correctly angled and carefully balanced to reduce wrist, arm and back fatigue. And the unique continuous flow design allows extraction in both directions for the best clean possible with the least possible effort.