by Jim Hassi / Dri-Eaz Products

Revolution™ LGR Dehumidifiers

Velo™ Airmovers


Do your customers need to control fleet fuel costs? Deliver more drying power with each trip to the job? Find a parking space in congested areas? The many new compact vehicle offerings from vehicle manufacturers are certainly appealing, but you still need to deliver the equipment you need to the job! 


Dri-Eaz Velo airmovers and the Revolution LGR dehumidifier represent a new era in convenience and efficiency for the restoration business. Superior performance in a compact size means operators can transport and deploy twice as much drying power with every trip or use a smaller vehicle to service jobs.


Velo Airmovers and Revolution LGR dehumidifiers in a Ford Transit and standard cargo van.


This translates immediately into time savings and higher profitability with every restoration job. Plus, the compact design of these units makes fleet expansion with smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles a very real possibility. And for those working in urban areas, being able to find a parking space might be the best news of all! 


Let’s take a quick look at each model.


Revolution LGR Dehumidifier: Large performance in a compact package


Comparing the Revo with the Evo

Offering “Large” Xactimate performance in a unit half the size of other units has already made the Revolution LGR one of the industry’s best selling units. Its Precision Control Technology™ automatically optimizes water removal across all conditions and delivers 80 pints at AHAM plus stronger LGR performance for faster drying. 

Stackable and easy to transport two on a standard handtruck, the Revolution lets restorers pack more drying power into each trip, saving trips and lost time. No other portable dehumidifier can boost your customer’s profits faster! Features a rugged rotomolded housing and made-in-USA quality.



Velo and Velo Pro Airmovers: professional air movement



The Velo airmovers deliver unbeatable versatility, easy maintenance and maximum airflow in a design that requires half the amps and is half the height of “snail shell” carpet dryers. At only 21 lbs. and featuring a streamlined profile, it’s easy to carry two Velos through narrow hallways, doorways, and up and down stairways. Stack them up to five high on a standard handtruck for even easier transport.



Dri-Eaz Velo


The Velo’s patent-pending housing concentrates airflow for the best surface drying of any airmover – especially given its ultra-low 1.9 amp draw! Plus, the Velos can be daisy-chained – up to six Velos on one 15-amp circuit. And with its five-position versatility, the Velo can direct air wherever it’s needed most.



The Velo Pro adds a variable speed control that allows restorers to fine-tune the amp draw, maximizing the output of each power circuit available. In addition, the Pro model includes a kickstand for a sixth operating position – perfect for directing the unit’s powerful airflow up stairs.


When customers choose the Revolution dehumidifier and Velo airmovers, they’re choosing products that reduce storage and transport challenges and maximize drying efficiencies on every drying job.