#CC19A 6lb. Jar

List Price: $39.95
Bridgepoint Systems

Customers challenged us to make a powdered rinse that was economical, dissolved quickly, cleaned incredibly well at high dilutions AND was acidic to neutralize (“ICE”) hot presprays.

  • Economical powder with no fillers – CHECK
  • Dissolves quickly, even in cold water – CHECK
  • Cleans at high dilutions – CHECK
  • Acidic… Um, let us get back to you on that one.

Finding something that had all these features added gray hairs to our chemist’s head and took many months to develop. We’d think we had it, and then we’d find out it wouldn’t dissolve. Then we’d get it to dissolve! But it wouldn’t be acidic enough. We’d get it to dissolve and be acidic! But, it doesn’t clean as well as we’d like. Eventually, after numerous iterations and testing we knew we’d found the holy grail of acid-side rinses. We had formulated an extraction rinse so complete, and so well-rounded, that we knew it would become the standard rinse for all carpet cleaners.

Features of Flex ICE:

  • Dissolves in less than 40 seconds
  • 100% active ingredients, no fillers were added to take up space
  • Cleans better than any competitive acid rinse, and better than most high pH rinses
  • Mildly acidic for neutralizing alkaline presprays and returning the carpet to a neutral state
  • Leaves the carpet soft
  • Prepares carpet for application of carpet protector better than a water rinse
  • Non-ionic formula compatible with all presprays and spotters for complete rinsing

Non corrosive – protects machine parts while keeping hard water (mineral scale) build-up out