The NSN Supreme Box

Restoration Box Truck Built For You

Imagine an Emergency Water Restoration Truck that was actually designed for Restorers!  A truck that could hold all the equipment, tools, and consumables you need and store them in specific locations that were easily accessible for technicians to work efficiently and stay on task!

CleanSource through the NSN Network has made available this custom and unique setup just for you.


Truck Details:  

2018 Chevy 4500 14ft Cutaway (16ft Layout Option Available)
The truck chasis has more than enough payload to handle a truck full of equipment, truckmount, and water tanks.  6.0L, 159″WB, T/C, Tilt & Cruise, 14,200lb GVW,

Supreme Custom Box 

The custom box is designed with ideal storage and an efficient and organized layout in mind.  It includes a lower profile height, translucent roof for lighting, five outside storage cabinets, airmover racks, storage closet, cab access door, chemical rack, dehumidifier storage, and tie-down track system for securing equipment in place.  The box also features dome lighting, rear light, and large side door for access or truckmount setup.  The truck box is customized with rugged, non-slip flooring.  The new 2018 version has 2 upgraded outdoor LED lights for side and rear visibility.
Standard Storage Capacity w/ Open Aisle:
Truckmount Setup
20 Full Size Airmovers
10 Mini Airmovers
4 Revolution Low Profile LGR Dehumidifiers
3 Evolution Dehumidifiers
7 L/XL Dehumidifiers
2 Hepa 500 Airscrubbers
7 Velo Low Profile Airmovers
Large Shelf:  Wands, Sprayers, Hepa Vacuum, Filters, Ladder, Etc.
Storage Bins:  Chemicals, Ozone, Foggers, Power Box, Cords, Etc.
Consumable Storage Bin:  Masks, Filters, Gloves, Tapes, Zippers, Plastic, Parts, Sponges, Towels, Repair Tools, Etc.
Exclusive Package & Financing Program 

We have an exclusive FLEET agreement with GM that allows us to package this set up together and offer you unbelievable savings.  We can also package it with drying equipment as well and finance it as one financing purchase.
Payments as low as $699/mo.
$44,900 – 10% Down – 72 Months  *Subject to Credit Approval
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The TRUE Restoration Truck